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Sacrifices! Give up to Go Up

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Sacrifices!  Give up to Go Up!

What is up my friend?  Coach Korey here!

I made a quick video about making sacrifices to create a much, much better life for yourself for the REST OF YOUR LIFE and why it’s totally worth it!

Please check it out below.  I think it’s an important lesson that doesn’t always get brought up enough!

Enjoy ;)

Let me know below what sacrifices have you made in your life and business to move you closer to your goals and dreams!

Please comment below.  I would love your feedback!


Coach Korey


Cheers to your success my friend!

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Eric Worre Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Nick Sarnicola RECRUITING

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The topic of discussion today is none other than RECRUITING!

Today you will learn how to recruit many more reps, distributors, team members, affiliates, or whatever you call it into your business.  I just finished watching an entire hour long training on Recruiting done by Nick Sarnicola.  It took place at Eric Worre’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event in 2012.  I got digital access to this training by purchasing 10 of Eric Worre’s Go Pro book.  So this is very valuable training as it’s valued around $200 or $300 alone.  Please read through the entire post and apply anything you want to take away today.

2 Cornerstones of Success

They are Enthusiasm and Industriousness otherwise known as work ethic or just plain hard work!  The more enthusiastic you are, the more you will retain.  So make sure you do some push ups and jump up and down ever couple minutes as you read the rest of this Blog Post.  Haha I’m just kidding, but still some good information for you to know.

2 Main things in Network Marketing Success


Today we will mainly be discussing belief and mindset.  Why?  Because you may have the best skills in the world, but without proper Belief you will go nowhere.

“It wasn’t what i said, until I figured out who I was before I was saying it.”  – Nick Sarnicola

In order to recruit, you must first recruit yourself.  Have you bought yourself yet?  Recruiting is about who you are being before you say a word.  Who are you?  Who do you believe about you?  The answers to these questions all tie into Self-Image very much.  Your personal belief has everything to do with your self image and how you see yourself.  Today you will have a greater understanding of beliefs and self-image.  You will improve them as well if you apply what you learn and take action.

Find a Desperate “Why”   Not just a Why, Make sure it is Desperate!

People always say “I just wanna help people.  It’s fun and I want to do good things.  I think it will be exciting” when answering their “Why.”  Make sure it’s something that really drives you personally.  Become self-motivated.  That way, you don’t rely on anyone else to get you to take action but yourself.

What gets you up in the morning?

What inspires you?

What moves you?

What are you passionate about?


After answering these questions, you must develop unwavering belief.  Unwavering belief is different than normal belief.  “If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?”  Change your wants into “musts”  There is no debate about your success.  “It’s Essential, no questions asked.  You must be naive enough to think you can make it!  Be dumb enough to believe it can really happen.  When talking about recruiting or just signing up some customers, put it in perspective.  You’re not doing what Martin Luther King Jr. had to do.  Nor are you the president of the United States.  You don’t have to fight wars overseas or try to end world hunger.

You simply have to sign someone up in your business.  How hard is it really?  Create perspective and use Reference.  Think of great historical events that were much more difficult than what you have to do.

Be All-In.  You can be All-In even if you’re part-time.  It’s all in your head.  Stop making excuses.  Make some sacrifices instead and do what you know you need to do.

“Burn the boats, perish or win.”  Best Mindset to have when talking about your success in Network Marketing or anything in life in general.  Put your bum on the line.  Be willing to lose and risk it all for a life of freedom that will never stop rewarding you.  Here’s a great MLM lie- Act as If…

Tell the truth- Act as are

Act as you are going to be.  Be so convicted that you know there is no other option.  Here are the components of Influence below.

Components of Influence

  1. Physiology:  55%
  2. Voice Quality:  30%
  3. Words:  15%

People follow congruency.  People have intuition.   They can sense if you’re not aligned or really mean what you say.  They’re asking themselves in their head, “Is this person worth my time?”  And they will say no if you’re self image and beliefs are not aligned.

You must have MOJO.  You can’t recruit without MOJO.  You can connect but you cannot recruit.  Other words for MOJO are swag and charisma.  “Don’t have a wishbone where a backbone ought to be.” – Unknown   Stop wishing and hoping.  It’s knowing it’s going to happen.  Everyone is born with MOJO.  Just tap into it!

Last but not least.

Nick Sarnicola Recruiting Formula

  1. Have belief and congruency
  3. Say the right thing.
  4. Take Consistent Daily Action

More about Mindset; School and Work place prepared you to fail in Network Marketing.  If you get 59/100 on a test in school, you’re a failure.  Same with some type of task at work.  However in Network Marketing, if you sign up 59/100 into your business, you are s super-star.  You are filthy rich.  Also the number 1 human fear is rejection.  You’re trained not to fail or to be rejected.  It’s quite a paradox.  Because in the Network Marketing world, whoever fails and gets rejected the most WINS!

Don’t forget to take consistent daily action.  EVERY DAY.  Not 16 hours 1 day, then take the next 2 weeks off.  Visualize it daily!  See it every day!

Hope you enjoyed this training on Recruiting.  Come back for more!


Coach Korey


Cheers to your success my friend.

P.S.  Click below for more FREE training on Recruiting

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Darren Hardy Insane Productivity Module 5

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Insane Productivity Module 5

Module 5 is about designing your glorious life.  Make sure you don’t go chasing the wrong things your whole life.  Learn how to avoid that here.

First let’s talk about the achievement addiction.  There’s always a GAP between where you are and where you want to go.  “The push to achieve can itself become an addiction, and like an addict, you’re only as good as your last achievement fix.” – Jim Loehr

RESULT:  Protracted Frustration and disillusionment.

Vicious cycle of despair.  Pursuit>Achievement>Dissatisfaction>Pursuit>  The chase itself can become obsessive.  It’s called the hedonic treadmill.  Then when people feel the emptiness of achievement they take a brute force approach:  I’ll do more of this until it feels good.  Instead, stop and consider:  Could it be that I am chasing the wrong things?

Describe your best self.  Describe your best life.  What would be attributes, characteristics, and qualities of your best self?  How do you want to be remembered?


“The goal of this human adventure is productivity, pursuing the full development of all your potential.” – Jim Rohn

“People think of happiness as freedom and having fun.  But the truth is, what usually makes people happy is meeting their responsibilities, doing a good job,doing something they believe in.” – Ethan Hawke

What is Success to You?

Figure it out, or you’ll never know when you achieve it.

John Wooden definition of success:

Success is peace of mind, that is the direct result of knowing that you have done your best, at becoming the best you are capable of becoming.

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Darren Hardy Insane Productivity: Module 4

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Darren Hardy Insane Productivity

The 4th crippling addiction we will cover today is the myth of multitasking.  Human need behind it:  I am worthy.  I am capable.  I am important.

“When you multi-task it’s inevitable that each individual task be slower and of lower quality.” – James Johnson, research psychologist at NASA .  28% of productive focus is wasted on multitasking.  Better stated as Switching.  Switching makes you dumber than being stoned.  IQ drops by 10 points, versus 5 if smoking marijuana.  – CNN World

You can physically and mentally multitask.  Run and listen, drive and talk.  However, you cannot use same part of the brain simultaneously.  You can’t listen to conference call and process email.  You can’t listen to meeting and tweet or txt.  Attempting to do 2 things at once essentially creates one new thing.  Not driving and dialing phone.  It’s driving while dialing the phone.  “Intense multitasking can produce a stress response, an adrenaline rush that when prolonged can damage cells that form new memory.”  – Dr. David Meyer, Psychology University of Michigan

Darren Hardy Myth of Multitasking

Those who multitask are actually less efficent than those who focus on one project at a time.  The time lost switching among tasks increases the complexity and stress to perform the task. – Journal of Experimental Psychology

You are giving yourself ADD.  Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder.  People who become accustomed to a constant stimulation and feel bored in the absence of it.  We are actually CHOOSING a state of being that most people consider an affliction and take medication to alleviate.  – Dr. John Ratey, Psychologist from Harvard University.

Chronic high-stress multitasking causes:

  • Gaps in short term memory loss
  • Lapses in attentiveness
  • Loss of concentration
  • Communication Problems with others
  • Stress symptoms, such as shortness of breath.

– Dr. David Meyer, Psychology University of Michigan

We put lots of energy into avoiding the hard and difficult tasks.  It’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s that we don’t do it.

Darren Hardy Strategy of high performance

Single Tasking. Do one thing at a time.

We are going to War over this next pitch. – Pete Rose

Also when we immerse in a single task, we can access phenomenal FLOW.  You don’t have to convince yourself to do everything, just Next Thing.

Focus on Action not Outcomes.  Here’s the challenge.  Don’t multitask for one week.  When you’re on the phone, be on the phone.  In a meeting- be in the meeting.  Knock at the door- hold off.  Don’t check your phone while driving, going to the bathroom, walking or in the presence of another human being.  Productivity is an inside out game.

You can’t get it all done.  Let it go!  There’s always more to do than anyone will ever get to.  It all comes down to choices.

Watch the video below to learn how to make better choices in your life starting today.  Answer the questions.

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Myself and Darren Hardy


“Cheers to Your Success my friend!”


access emp

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Darren Hardy Insane Productivity Module 3

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Darren Hardy Insane Productivity Module 3

It’s no the time you put in, it’s what you put in the time.  Same time, higher impact.  Find your power hours and protect them with a vengeance.  Your power hours are the times during the day when you are most powerful mentally.

It is your responsibility to train the people around you.  You get in life what you tolerate.  Life will organize around the standards you set.  All behavior is training those around you how to treat you.

  • Email (designated time)
  • Knock at door (schedule)
  • Calls (never answer)  Darren never answers a live phone.  You don’t have to go to this extreme, but consider putting your phone on silent or vibrate at least.
  • Showing up late (10/15 rule)
  • Talk to You (respect)

Email should be avoided for all time-sensitive and urgent information.  People who attend to email vigilantly and respond immediately are probably also delivering lower-quality output on their real work.  Teach people how to communicate with you.  Once you set the rules, don’t break them.  People feel safer knowing the boundaries.  It may seem harsh at the time, but in the long run it reduces their stress and uncertainty.

Don’t take on other people’s problems all day.  Instead tell yourself this, “Ah, you forgot your monkey.”  Listen, have compassion, empathize and then leave the conversation with, “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

What do you need to stop tolerating?  Write down at least three things.

Darren Hardy Insane Productivity

“The greatest geniuses sometimes accomplish more when they work less.”  Leonardo DaVinci.

It is a very good plan every now and then to go away and have a little relaxation..when you come back to the work, your judgement will be surer, since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose the power of judgment.

Rest is a critical component of high performance.  Because your body craves oscillation.  The problem is the absence of disciplined and intermittent recovery.  Chronic stress without recovery depletes energy reserves, leads to burn-out and breakdown, and ultimately undermines performance.  The greater the performance demand, the greater the need for recovery.

Game-Changing Mindset Shift-

You get paid to rest.  Key to going faster is to relax.  “Having lost sight of our goals, we redouble our efforts.” – Mark Twain


Go faster…Slow down

When urgent..Relax

More done…Less Effort.

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